Forcemeat Quenelles 

The proportions of the ingredients in this forcemeat  are determined by the net weight of the flesh being used.  For one eviscerated small child, minus the fillets (which are usually   used as a garnish), use a two-to-one ratio of fat to flesh, plus seasonings and brandy to taste.

Chop the meats and fat separately, then place together in a mortar and pound fine.  Add seasonings and brandy at the last moment.  Pass through a small sieve.

Pipe mixture onto a buttered tray and poach until jellified.

Decorate with red salted tongue slices and/or fingers.



Legs a l’Aurore

Trim the legs well, poach in white wine and allow to cool.

When cold, drain and coat each leg with a veloute sauce mixed with a solution of knuckle cartilage and ear trimmings, reduced    to form an aspic.

Set a layer of very clear aspic jelly in the bottom of a deep dish, place the legs on top and intersperse with tarragon leaves.

Cover the legs completely with the same jelly and allow to set in a cool place.



Tetines a la Grandmere (Old Woman’s Udders)           

Udders are usually pickled, where they often take the place of  salt pork.

The meat may also be braised after first soaking in water, blanching, lightly pounding, and larding.

Glaze at the last moment with a cherry-blood aspic for  additional color.





Tete Froide a la Flamande

Bone the head and cut it into two pieces.  Cut the tongue in half  lengthwise, remove the ears and also cut in half lengthwise.

Place the two halves of the head face downwards and arrange half a tongue and two pieces of ear on each.

Roll up each half of head starting at the bottom, then tie tightly with string.

Cook in a bath of water, salt and vinegar and allow to cool.

When cold, the head should be cut in very thin slices like a galantine and served with slices of brains and a Sauce Remoulade.



Flesh a la Bordelaise           

The first requirement for this dish is that the being whose flesh is being used must be alive.

Cut the lower extremities into sections.  Remove the pelvis and crack  to facilitate the removal of the flesh after cooking.

Split the torso in half  lengthwise and remove the soft tissues of the head and reserve   for use.

Season the pieces and saute in butter until the flesh is well set and has turned a good brown color.

Add shallots, garlic, red wine and brandy and reduce by half.  Add stock and simmer till done.  Finish with lemon juice and soft tissue fondants.



Coeur Saute a la Greque           

Trim the heart and cut into very thin strips.

Season and shallow fry quickly.  Serve with rice, chick peas, salad, and a side of  small boy.





Pickled Tongue           

Place water, salt, sugar, and salt peter in a well- tinned copper pot and boil, then cool.

Tongues for pickling must be a fresh as possible.

Trim off the greater part of the cartilage at the root, and carefully beat with a cutlet bat or hammer.

Prick all over with a trussing needle and then place in brine and store for at least   three months.







Skinned Legs a la Diable 

Remove the pelvis and completely skin the legs.

Marinate in a red wine and garlic bath for 2-3 days.

When ready to serve, remove and dry the legs and rub liberally  with cayenne, Aleppo pepper, garlic, diced habanero peppers, diced jalapeno peppers, and salt.

Serve with beer.







Gateau de Chocolate au Sauce Sang     

Mix flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and cocoa together until smooth, bake.

Frost with good quality semi-sweet chocolate, melted and    mixed together with confectioner’s sugar and butter.

Serve with blood.








Infant de Lait or Suckling Child     

Whether stuffed or not the child is always roasted whole.

The important thing to remember is to arrange the procedure so that when just cooked, the skin should be golden brown.

Wrap in a puff pastry a la Beef Wellington and decorate with frosting.


Written on April 1st, 2012

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